On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of PRGN, the PRGN Asia Summit 2022 has been successfully held on 12 Oct 2022 in Singapore. Over 30 company representatives from all over the world gathered to discuss the dynamics of global and Asian economics and politics, as well as sustainable investing and ESG framework, enhancing communications between different regions and exploring new development opportunities in the post-epidemic era.

Due to the impact of the epidemic and geopolitics, many economies around the world are facing inflation and debt crisis, while many experts and institutions are giving warnings about global recession. However, the economy of Asia has remained relatively stable for the time being, with various government policies to mitigate the negative impact of the epidemic. Manoj Pradhan of Talking Heads Macroeconomics, Prof. Kong Yam Tan of Nanyang Technological University have shared valuable insights into global risks and provided thought-provoking discussion, mentioning supply chains shifting from the West to Asia by some corporations, such as China and India.

Sustainable development is becoming a mutual objective for the whole society caused by the negative impact of the epidemic and environmental degradation on the world, while ESG frameworks are well developed in many financial markets. Michael Diegelmann of cometis AG mentioned that we better to use industry trends trends, customer demands and stakeholder preferences as our languages. Understanding of the context is crucial to start a ESG journey.

PRGN is one of the world’s largest international public relations networks, harnessing the resources of 50 hand-selected independent public relations firms servicing key markets around the world to form a network with individual and culturally diverse markets globally.

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