Lillian Li, CEO of SIP

The Venture Philanthropy Firm – Social Impact Partners (SIP), one of LBS’s pro-bono partners, has established for nearly 10 years. Lillian Li, CEO of SIP, briefly introduced in the interview that SIP is providing financial and professional support for social enterprises with potential for social impact. Two target enterprises are exercising due diligence with cooperative accounting firm, one is expected to be finished at the end of February.

Furthermore, Ms. Li mentioned, the Company plans to invest in 4 social enterprises this year. For SIP is to assess whether it is suitable to aid a social enterprise, it should have at least the relevant legal documents, financial analysis, management background investigation, technology, and ESG reports. . If the target enterprise fails to pass the financial audit, SIP will offer assistance and guide them through the process.

Ms. Li said, the Company is currently raising two funds, totaling approximately US$4 million and will seek more investment opportunities next year,  hoping to provide investment services for 12 Hong Kong social enterprises.