(28th January 2022 — Hong Kong) Baguio Green Group Limited (“Baguio” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 1397.HK) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a service contract (the “EPD Contract”) by Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (the “EPD”) for the provision of recyclable food waste collection services in Kowloon District. Baguio will collect recyclable food waste from widespread locations including shopping malls, cooked food centres, wet markets, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, elderly centres, commercial and residential buildings and government premises.

Under this EPD Contract, valued at HK$31.9 million, Baguio will adopt various innovative technologies to collect more than 20 tons of food waste per day from more than 100 collection points. Food waste collected will be delivered to O.PARK1, Hong Kong’s first organic resources recovery centre turning food waste into renewable energy, in Siu Ho Wan of Lantau Island. Baguio will fully support EDP’s determination to encourage more food waste recycling and will take an active role to increase the number of collection points and the volume of food waste to be collected per day.

Being a leader of recycling in Hong Kong, Baguio is committed to contribute to the big-data development of food waste. Upon collecting any food waste under this EDP Contract, key information e.g. weight of food waste collected, source location, etc. will be uploaded instantly to the Baguio’s cloud-based IT system so that the food waste collection development in Hong Kong could be kept track of in real time. This is vital to support our city to know precisely where we are, what are the sources of significant food waste and how the food waste issue could be tactfully resolved by source reduction.

Baguio will start delivering service for this EDP Contract in February 2022.

Ms. Apple Ji, Assistant General Manager of waste management and recycling section of Baguio, commented, “Baguio is honored to be awarded for this contract to collect food waste in Kowloon District. According to the latest statistics released by EPD, there were on average 3,353 tons of food waste disposed to landfills each day in 2019. Food waste is the largest single component (30%) of Hong Kong municipal solid waste (“MSW”) in landfills. Baguio is very committed to resolve food waste issue in Hong Kong and we have been the food waste service provider of the Airport Authority Hong Kong for years.”

“Our bioconversion technology adopted in another EDP Contract converting chicken waste to animal feed and fertilizer could be adopted for food waste treatment. Baguio is delighted to take every step to bring a green and healthy environment in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world. ” Ms. Ji added.

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Baguio’s food collection fleet equipped with GPS tracking to collect more than 20 tons of food waste per day

Introduction of Baguio Green Group Limited

Baguio Green Group (Stock Code:1397.HK) has been committed to creating a green and clean environment since 1980. To date, Baguio has become a professional comprehensive environmental service provider, including professional cleaning, recycling, waste management and collection, horticulture and landscaping, and integrated pest management. Baguio implements the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection, as well as socially responsible enterprises, and actively assists in building a greener, healthier and better environment.


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