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Our Expertise


Our Expertise

Provoking ideas. Overcoming challenges. Delivering results.





Revealing Your Investment Value

  • LBS links financial communication with corporates and investors to increase market efficiency and reduce information asymmetry
  • We are experts in establishing and engaging sustainable investor relations for confidence enhancement
  • LBS helps clients to manage investor expectations, enhance corporate reputation, establish best public relations practices and achieve valuation goals
  • Our investor relations services include investor targeting, investor perception studies, proxy communication, roadshow coordination, promotion materials production and shareholder identification

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Differentiating your ESG performance from the competition
Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) actions link company performance with higher profitability, lower tail risk and lower systematic risk
Addressing global ESG standards, key performance indicators and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the new normal.
As ESG Reporting becomes priority for investors, SDG-aligned practices facilitate stakeholder decision making for long term growth. Our customised Sustainability IR solutions connect your company, stakeholders and investors directly to your sustainable development. 
Our regional consulting team draws on deep expertise from Hong Kong, Australia and Germany on ESG reporting, investor outreach, materiality assessment, stakeholder consultation, communications and strategic ESG business consulting.

Speaking right for brand values

  • LBS cares about stakeholder perception and adoption of our clients’ messages
  • We assist our clients in formulating and articulating their noteworthy corporation communication stories to amplify brand value and corporate image
  • Our corporate communication services include perception studies, brand management advisory and corporate communication training

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Transforming rapport with media
  • LBS media relations expertise spans across the global media networks and the regional markets in Asia Pacific
  • LBS has an unparallel China media network and experiences enabling a powerful and recognised coverage
  • LBS assists clients in engaging media strategies for best optimal exposure, minimum implementation time and targeted audience reach
  • We transform media relations messages and stories based on clients’objectives to maximise exposures via our extensively recognised media network
  • LBS media relations offers a range of services from media positioning, targeted media action plan, professional media training, to local and international media outreach, digital and social media engagement and media monitoring
Accessing the IPO market with an impactful story
  • We understand the importance of an IPO project to the long term development of a company.
  • We customise promotion and roadshow strategies along the listing process to create adequate brand awareness, media exposure and market momentum for investor relations wherever needed
  • LBS listing communication services include corporate positioning, publicity plans, roadshow and congratulatory events organisation, roadshow materials production, public relations training and crisis management

Amplifying the special appeal

  • LBS understands the business values created by a brand name, the observable visual identity derived from the vision and mission of a successful corporation
  • We assist clients to define and develop their brand positioning through a structured process of competitive intelligence and media analysis, internal and external communication studies and market research
  • LBS brand management covers brand design and development, brand messaging, corporate identity management, corporate reputation and crisis management advisory

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Turning risks to public relations opportunities

  • LBS understands issues and special situations may arise unexpectedly.
  • We expect the unexpected to turn the risks into public relations opportunities to further enhance brand values and safeguard corporate reputation and investor relations.
  • We stay close to our clients to develop and deploy tailor-made communication strategies that help clients achieve the quickest and optimal business outcomes through our round-the-clock support service
  • Given our on-the-ground coverage across Hong Kong, China and the globe, we pull in first class advisors on risk assessment, planning, and preparation for a wide range of public relations, reputation repair and messaging contingencies. We provide expert counsel and insights when events unfold
  • LBS crisis management offers right-on-spot solutions to deliver timely and consistent response, damage assessment, scenario planning, brand recovery, crisis spokesman training, post crisis communication strategies and ongoing risk management advisory

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Accelerating multi-channel communication
  • LBS understands establishing and maintaining a vibrant follower community online can be extremely time-consuming and intense
  • We build and grow social media platforms, as an independent key opinion leader (KOL) on our client’s behalf to engage target audiences at the centre with opinion-leading articles and communication
  • We accelerate our client’s reputational positions online as priority. LBS social media offering includes corporate account setup, keyword search, blogger and journalists engagement, reputation monitoring and management and best possible social media outreach

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