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Our Works

Providing full suite of IR solutions with targeted results


Client nature
Newly listed with over HKD 5 billion market cap

As a newly-listed company, our client has limited capital market access and knowledge.
The company was undervalued due to a lack of understanding of the industry declining investor confidence and investment appetite.

Investor relations focus was put on educating investors on the rising importance of our client’s business to boost investor confidence towards industry outlook and development prospect which helped to grow positive investment appetite.


  • Improved management’s understanding on corporate positioning, capital markets and media power.

  • Widened media outreach and exposure within a short period of time boosting buzz and investor attention.

  • Corporate strength was recognized with stock price rocketing by over 60% within three months of listing and continuously achieving record high despite market turbulence.

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Client nature
Listed company with over HKD 5 billion market cap

Improper positioning of the company lead to low investor awareness and weak stock price performance.
Rebranding was required to rejuvenate corporate image and investor appeal.

Rebranding emphasis was put on uncovering the bright prospects and, superior value of the current business, as well as the growth potential of the newly added segments. Supported by the promotion of the favourable policies, LBS helped investors and media platforms understand our client’s mission to be the major beneficiary of the unique products and policy changes.


  • Rebranding and repositioning of the company proved successful given the positive feedback from capital market reflected by a surge in stock price.

  • Increased research coverage with favourable recommendations and stock price upside.

  • Friendly media relationships were established and maintained with coverage secured after the company setup a more transparent and cooperative image.

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Client nature
Listed company with over HKD 40 billion market cap

Client involved in a fast growing but fragmented industry which is highly volatile due to safety and policy risk.
demanded high degree of Hong Kong and China media monitoring and crisis alert.

Crisis management team was established with various social media platforms and channels being setup and closely monitored by designated team member.
Instant and consistent responses were formulated and distributed immediately after the outbreak of any social media crisis or negative comments.
Post event summaries and on-going preventive measures were formulated and reviewed regularly.


  • Crisis awareness of the management team was further consolidated and more internal staff were trained on crisis management techniques and skills.

  • Negative rumours and social media crisis were immediately addressed, and stock price remained stable despite the turbulence.

  • No major selloff or investor complaints were received.

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Client nature
Listed financial services group specialising in structured finance and consumer finance with extensive branch offices in greater China.

Client was eager to develop sustained corporate values and risk management processes across diverse branches and stakeholder groups, in particular senior management, employees and customers. Client required to integrate the latest ESG standards as part of the green business operations to enhance stakeholder engagement and shareholder values.

In-depth targeted stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment surveys, interviews, workshops and senior management meetings to create ESG strategy, working committee, ESG targets and reporting protocols matching local regulatory disclosures and global standards.


  • Well-defined ESG strategy aligning United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to enable successful implementation of business standards as a leader in financial services

  • Strengthened stakeholder engagement across extensive offices to deliver products and services to elevate shareholder values in long term

  • Established the benchmark for green business operation to facilitate further product and services development in greater China

  • Customised ESG reporting toolkits to measure, integrate and continuously improve ESG practices and key performance indicators

  • Reinforced brand values and resilience to care and support the community especially during the COVID-19 pandemic or challenging times

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Client nature
Private company in sourcing and distributing innovative, affordable and trendy hi-tech gadget in Asia Challenge Client , was committed to sourcing the world for the finest, most innovative hi-tech gadgets.
Client demanded targeted and intensive product promotion as well as corporate branding to boost sales for retailers and enhance market exposure of its market leader position.

Extensive media promotion including targeted media (newspaper, online media and magazines) interviews and sizeable product launch event were organized to create brand awareness for its products, followed by post event articles and interviews to keep up the momentum.


  • Created positive brand awareness for its products with increased mass market coverage.

  • Enhanced interests among sizable retailers to boost sales in Hong Kong.

  • Strengthened the market leader position as a growing and dynamic company in sourcing world’s finest hi-tech and trendy gadgets for consumer in Asia.

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