(1 November 2023, Hong Kong) – CIMC Enric Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “CIMC Enric” or the “Company”) (Hong Kong Stock Code: 3899. HK) are pleased to announce that, according to the latest annual ESG rating published by Wind ESG Rating, CIMC Enric’s ESG rating has been upgraded from A to AA, with an overall rating score of 8.91, ranking first among the 40 companies in the energy equipment and services sector to which CIMC Enric belongs, and scores of 8.72, 7.99 and 8.73 in environmental, social and governance pillar, respectively, which are higher above the average level of the peers, reflecting CIMC Enric’s outstanding governance and management performance in various ESG issues.

Source:Wind ESG Rating website – https://www.wind.com.cn/portal/en/ESG/esgIndex.html?windcode=3899.HK&lan=en

As a leader in financial information and application software in China, Wind has been conducting in-depth research on ESG standards and frameworks since 2018. Combining Wind’s two decades of experience in data processing and analysis, domestic and international ESG standards, and its unique insights into ESG investment in China, it has launched its own branded ESG ratings — the Wind ESG Rating. The Wind ESG Rating framework is composed of management and practice and controversies assessment that can comprehensively reflect the ompany’s level of ESG management practices and significant unexpected risks. Building on the foundation of domestic and international ESG policies and standards, our proprietary ESG rating framework considers the development of the Chinese capital market and integrates the characteristics of the Chinese companies in various industries, forming a localised characteristic indicator system that can be more scientifically applicable to Chinese Companies. Currently, Wind ESG Rating has covered about 8,000+ A-share and Hong Kong-listed companies and debt issuers and provides open and transparent assessment models.

The improvement of CIMC Enric’s Wind ESG rating is attributable to the Company’s extensive involvement in the field of clean and low-carbon products and services, actively carrying out scientific and technological innovation as well as intelligent manufacturing, capitalizing on its years of accumulated industrial experience and technological capabilities to offer customers with lower-carbon, cleaner and more cost-effective clean energy total solutions to help them achieve dual-carbon goals. In addition, we enhance our capacity for sustainable development management by integrating the ESG issues into the daily operation, setting relevant management targets and progressively links them to performance, which effectively enhances the integration of ESG issues into practice areas  such as green production, energy saving and emission reduction, occupational health and safety, diversified hiring, employee cultivation and growth, product quality and customer service, sustainable supply chain management, corporate governance and compliance, and business ethics, etc. and continuously strengthens the Company’s ESG governance and management capabilities.

The Executive Director and President of CIMC Enric, Mr. Yang Xiaohu, stated, “The upgrade of Wind ESG rating is the best recognition of CIMC Enric’s persistent sustainable development efforts, reflecting the Company’s unremitting efforts in sustainable development and highlighting the Company’s leading position in the industry. Looking ahead, the Company will continue to adhere to its business development mission, ‘Make Cleaner Energy, More Sustainable Environment, and a Better Life’, actively invest in and practise sustainable development, improve the Company’s ESG management performance, and execute the ESG concept with practical actions, with a view to creating greater value for customers, shareholders and society while acting as the industry’s role model of leadership.”


About CIMC Enric Holdings Limited

Founded in 2004, CIMC Enric Holdings Limited has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2005. The Company is affiliated to China International Marine Vessel (Group) Ltd. (“CIMC”) and is principally engaged in transportation, storage and processing equipment that is widely used for the clean energy, chemical and environmental and liquid food industries. CIMC Enric has been a leading integrated service provider and key equipment manufacturer in the industry. The Company is among the world’s top players in both production and sales of ISO liquid tanks as well as high-pressure gas storage and transport vehicles. It is among China’s top players in the market of cryogenic transport vehicles and cryogenic storage tanks and one of the top three in terms of domestic market shares for large storage tanks for LNG receiving stations, modular products for LNG refuelling stations. CIMC Enric has built a global marketing network and owns over 20 subsidiaries located in China, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Canada that operate production bases and internationally advanced R&D centers. For more information, please visit https://en.enricgroup.com

About Wind ESG Rating

Headquartered in Shanghai International Financial Center in Lujiazui, Wind Information Co., Ltd. is a leading company in financial software services. Wind is a leading provider of financial information services in China, and an indispensable partner for lots of securities companies, fund management corporations, insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and media. Globally, Wind is also favored by widely used by qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission. Wind has developed a rigorous rating methodology based on the core connotations of ESG, aligning with international standards and frameworks, and incorporating the characteristics of Chinese companies, to assess the company’s essential ESG performance, risk and its ability to operate sustainably. Focusing on the ESG risks and opportunities of each industry, the companies are rated on a AAA-CCC scale relative to the performance of their industry peers. Wind ESG rating is updated annually or in response to major changes.