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Seizing Opportunities in the AI Era
Meitu to Launch Seven AI Products at Visual Arts Festival
Expanding Application Scenarios for “Lifestyle + Productivity”

(19 June 2023,Hong Kong)——Meitu Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Meitu” or “Company”, stock code: 1357.HK) are pleased to announce the successful hosting of the second “Meitu Visual Arts Festival” in Xiamen. This year’s festival centered around the theme of “AI-powered image productivity tools” and featured the release of 7 new products. These cutting-edge products, developed with artificial intelligence (AI) at their core, aim to significantly enhance the productivity of the image industry while constructing and expanding the Meitu AI product ecosystem.

These new products transcend lifestyle and entertainment scenarios, such as shooting, social sharing, and photo editing, to encompass productivity scenarios in various professional fields, including visual creation, commercial design, commercial photography, and video production, among others. The seven new products include the AI visual creation tool “WHEE”; the AI teleprompter video tool “Action(開拍)”; the desktop AI video editing tool “WinkStudio”; the AI commercial design flagship “X-Design(美圖設計室2.0)”; the AI digital human creation tool “DreamAvatar”; the Meitu AI assistant “RoboNeo”; and the Meitu visual large-scale model “MiracleVision”. With the release of these products, Meitu has officially established an AI product ecosystem composed of a bottom layer, middle layer, and application layer.

Meitu releases seven new AI products covering fields such as AI photos,
AI videos, AI design, and AI digital humans.

In a notable development, the AI commercial design tool “X-Design” will collaborate with leading companies in different industries in China. For example, Meitu and Huawei Cloud have co-developed the “AI Model Fitting” function to assist the clothing e-commerce industry in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Meitu has also partnered with FILA, a brand under ANTA Sports, to organize the “AI Sneaker Design Challenge” event, promoting AI design creation for fashion sports brands and sneaker enthusiasts. Moreover, Meitu’s visual large-scale model “MiracleVision” represents China’s first AI visual large-scale model with an understanding of aesthetics. Through systematic construction encompassing training, distribution, and commercialization, Meitu has created a model ecosystem.

Meitu also announced its latest membership numbers and product performance from last year. As of June 18, 2023, Meitu’s global VIP membership has grown to 7.19 million, with nearly 60% growth since March 2022. At the first Meitu Image Festival held last year, Meitu released six products, which underwent continuous iteration over the year. Several products demonstrated impressive results, including the video editing program “Wink”, which boasts over 10 million monthly active users, and “Meitu ID Photo”, which became the industry leader in online ID photo services.

Meitu’s founder, Chairman, and CEO, Wu Xinhong, said, “In the AI era, the value of application tools will explode, and this Image Festival marks the entry of Meitu’s products and services into productivity scenarios from lifestyle scenarios. With the seamless integration of AI and image productivity tools, the threshold for creating high-quality content will continue to decrease, and the productivity of the image industry will further improve. Upholding our mission of ‘Let technology and art converge elegantly’, Meitu will consistently bring users better products and services.”

Meitu’s founder, Chairman, and CEO, Wu Xinhong.

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About Meitu

Founded in October 2008, Meitu is a leading AI-driven technology company that embodies the core ideal of “beauty”. Meitu’s mission is to “Let technology and art converge elegantly”, empowering users to enhance their beauty through its innovative image products and beauty management services, and spearheading the digital transformation of the beauty industry by providing SaaS services. In pursuit of its mission, Meitu leverages AI. In 2010, Meitu founded MT Lab, its dedicated R&D hub, which drives advancements in AI and imaging innovations in the fields of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Computer Graphics. As of December 2022, Meitu’s Monthly Active Users (MAU) reached 243 million, of which 79.76 million originate from overseas markets. Its international reach spans 22 countries and regions, with each market hosting over 10 million users. Some notable regions include Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan, the United States, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Myanmar, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Nepal.


Supplemental information about the seven new products:

  1. “WHEE”, a one-stop AI visual creation service designed to inspire and empower designers, features graphic creation, text creation, doodle creation, AI gallery, and other auxiliary image design functions. It provides model training services that can generate exclusive style models tailored to individual designers. It also fosters a creative community where designers can share their creative formulas, collaborate, and achieve commercialization. WHEE is available in real-time on major platforms.
  2. “Action”, an application specifically developed for teleprompter videos, revolutionizes the entire process from scriptwriting to filming and post-production through AI capabilities. Action facilitates viewpoint sharing and marketing in these major video scenarios and is available in real-time on major platforms.
  3. “WinkStudio”, a desktop AI video editing tool catering to professional video creators, provides fine editing services and professional features, such as AI video portrait beauty, AI video mosaic, AI video color correction, and AI video quality restoration. Set to launch in July, WinkStudio will complement mainstream editing tools while delivering differentiated services.
  4. “X-Design”, using AIGC to redefine design tools and services, is a versatile platform for generating commercial design features, such as product images, posters, and try-on functions. It is an enhanced version of last year’s successful “Meitu Design Room (美圖設計室)”, opening up and focusing on AI commercial design. It has web, mobile, and international versions. Collaborating with other leading industries in China, such as Huawei and FILA of ANTA Sports, X-Design is available in real-time on major platforms.
  5. “DreamAvatar” is an AI digital human generation tool that generates realistic and stylized digital humans, unlocking new possibilities for AI models, AI anchors, AI customer service, and even AI actors. It caters to individual users and industry clients and provides an open platform for AI digital human. DreamAvatar will be launched in August.
  6. “RoboNeo” is an AI photo editing assistant that streamlines the creative process. Users can easily converse with RoboNeo, which will assist with editing photos and videos, design work, and drawing based on conversational content. RoboNeo’s convenient and efficient features significantly enhance the quality and productivity of creative endeavors. RoboNeo will start its internal testing on Meitu Xiuxiu in July.
  7. “MiracleVision” is China’s first AI visual large-scale model with a profound understanding of aesthetics. Developed by leveraging Meitu’s extensive expertise in aesthetic cognition, self-learning and evaluation systems, and the collaboration of professionals with a deep aesthetic background, MiracleVision reverse engineers the technical evolution in visual creation scenarios and excels in generating captivating Asian portrait photography, showcasing traditional Chinese culture, revolutionizing commercial design, and more. MiracleVision’s gradual integration into Meitu products will commence in July.